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Outsourced Environmental Department

By working with experienced environmental specialists and consultants who can provide up-to-date expertise and knowledge of environmental laws and regulations, as well as the implementation of sustainable practices, companies can better streamline their internal resources, optimize operational costs and manage the risks associated with environmental regulations, while avoiding the penalties and fines associated with non-compliances.

Environmental Compliance Audit

Our team offers Environment & Health and Safety Audit services, which help clients assess their compliance with existing environmental and occupational health and safety laws, ensuring a clear understanding of their level of adherence. By monitoring the adherence to relevant laws, we provide recommendations on how to enhance compliance, mitigating any potential hazards or penalties. After conducting an HSE audit, our clients can rely on our expertise to ensure optimal workplace safety and environmental regulatory compliance.

Environmental Due Diligence Audit

This type of service involves a preliminary evaluation of a site or property as part of the process of selling, buying, renting or terminating a business. This assessment analyses the environmental aspects and issues of the site in question so that clients have an overview of the environmental risks and obligations, the degree of compliance with current legislation and the environmental costs associated with compliance.

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