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About us

Our team provides environmental expertise specifically tailored to every context, our experts have in-depth knowledge of national, European and international environmental and biodiversity regulatory requirements.

Clients appreciate our services for their high quality standards and timely delivery, experience matters in order to meet project and regulatory deadlines.

We work locally, nationally and internationally.

National and International Certifications

RSECO is certified by the Romanian Environmental Association 1998 and it is registered in the National Register of Environmental Study Developers having the competence to prepare:

  • Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIA Report)
  • Environmental Report
  • Appropriate Assessment Study (AA Study)
  • Biodiversity Monitoring
  • Climate Change Assessments
  • Environmental Site Assessments

Our experts are certified as BREEAM ASSOCIATE and LEED GREEN ASSOCIATE and are members of the Society for Ecological Restoration (SER).


Our expertise covers the following sectors:

Renewable energy

Transport infrastructure (air, road, rail, sea, ports)


Industrial, commercial & residential developments


Agriculture, forestry and aquaculture

Extractive Industry

Chemical & metallurgical industry

Food Industry

Textile, wood & paper industry

Rubber industry

Tourism and leisure


Why us?

We have assembled a team of 22 experienced experts (environmental engineers, geographers, GIS experts, biologists, ecologists, ecological restoration practitioners, construction engineers), both in-house specialists as well as collaborators.

With our extensive understanding of regulatory obligations, capability to identify crucial concerns, ability to conduct thorough studies and documentation, expertise in engineering specifications, and proficiency in managing environmental sensitivities, we ensure that projects stay on track and within the allocated budget.

Over 30 years of professional experience of team members

including international experience

242 environmental studies successfully completed by team members

71 Biodiversity Monitoring Reports

9 Appropriate Assessment Studies

86 Environmental Site Audits for M&A Diligence transactions carried out in accordance with national legislation and international auditing standards

25 Environmental Compliance Audits

12 studies performed for Green Building Certification

39 Environmental Impact Reports, Presentation Memos and Environmental Reports

230 days of supervision

of construction activities in order to safeguard biodiversity

2.5 hectares

of restored habitats

more than 1500 seedlings of native plants

with high ecological value grown in the greenhouse

2 tonnes

of invasive and ruderal plant species removed

84 hectares

surveyed in order to increase habitat quality

over 500 species of flora and fauna

identified during field surveys

RSECO uses cutting-edge methods to monitor changes in biodiversity dynamics to identify the degree of ecosystem restoration following construction works.

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